Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things I've been working on Lately

This is a presentation for my Analytics class. It was given on 4/20/10. It was a case where we were advisors telling our client how to best invest their money in one of 6 choices, a US Treasury, GE, XOM, or any combination of two of those.
This was our final slide, we opted for the 10,000 dollars to be invested in Exxon Mobil stock because its Expected Monetary Value was the highest.

However, this was only one presentation I've given in the last week.
Another presentation that was given on 4/29/10 for my transportation and logistics class revolved around Sport Obermeyer the ski wear retailer.

I've also worked on a report regarding Harry Winston Diamond (NYSE: HWD) They have a 40% stake in the Diavik Mine in Canada and have high end retail stores located in Japan, the U.S., and Western Europe. Here is a sampling from it.

Coming up, I will have to give a presentation on category development. Our product is Sargento Cheese. We will be examining Nielsen data from January 2010 regarding market basket data, demographics, income, education and several other factors regarding the people who purchase Sargento Cheese at various retailers.

In fact, everything you buy from Walmart is stored on a database known as RetailLink and is supplied to all vendors of Walmart allowing to see the above information, along with items purchased at the same time as the product of interest. Don't worry, although Walmart stores your credit card number in the world's largest database, they aren't tracking your every purchase. Although, it would be great if they did. Then, every time you swipe your card at Walmart, they could apply manufacturers coupons, or even quantity discounts on frequently purchased goods. Even better, Walmart will eventually allow you to tie your credit card to a Walmart account where you can go on and see your entire purchase history and print out receipts for items.

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