Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MBAs out on the Town.

So, the Walton MBA Class of 2011 had its first mid-term exam in Retail Marketing last Thursday (I got an 85%) and it was pretty painful. After class, we went home, slept, and then attended the University of Arkansas Law School Bar Review. This "Bar Review" is exactly how it sounds. Law students go to a bar and drink free beer but pay a $5.00 cover.

So here is how it went down: Ten of us walked into the bar, we each punched the first law student we saw, grabbed his girl and kissed her, then proceeded to the bar where the ten of us drank 15-18 pitchers of beer. We chalked this adventure up to "networking."

*Apparently we didn't punch or kiss anyone, but the rest is true.

Also, if anybody tells you that the MBA program is all work and no play, take a look at this picture from our block party we hold each year.
Everybody loves Coke right?

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